Monday, April 19, 2010

River Front Property

I often dream of owning a great deal of land. On which, of course, would be some body of water; I'd take a river, stream, pond, lake... you get the point. I daydream of riding horses through the wooded areas and through the water. It would be even better if it were butted up to a mountain range.

I have found in the past 5 years that water is a must for me. The sound of a river or ocean waves is very soothing to my soul. I find peace and serenity. It's hard to describe the strength that I feel standing at the water's edge.
These last two are my favorites. I love the tree on the left of this one. The leaves are just BARELY making an appearance. I love the colors in this one. The red bushes. The rocks. The water. The cottonwoods. I just might have to come back and sit on these rocks every now and then.

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