Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A few days snowboarding will do a girl a world of good!!! It was HEAVEN to get away from moving boxes, unpacking and just PLAY!!!

These mountains are my home. My solace. My strength. Be still my soul!Boy did we get a workout in those two days!! We got in PLENTY of snowboarding...
snowshoeingAnd our last day there we decided we wanted POWDER!! To get that we went hiking over where we had gone snowshoeing the previous day. It was well worth it to earn our turns!! There's NOTHING like good powder!!And just for fun...Haven't been on many photowalks lately. Moving & being sick will really throw a wrench in a girls schedule!!! We're back on track though so stay tuned!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ghost Town

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE old things. Especially old rustic country farm things. Old fences. Old houses. Old barns. Old doors. Old windows. I just LOVE them! And living out in the sticks means there are a plethora of these awesome old farm things EVERYWHERE!!! I am going to miss things like this.

This barn is great. It reminds me of my Grampas. We had a trampoline in the top with a rope swing. Oh it was so fun up there!! I just want to do a family photo shoot in front of one of these places! You've got awesome old trees, old rusted farm equipment... it's PERFECT! I think this was a very cute house in its day. And I LOVE the rickety barb wire fence! Just check out that diamond window!! Oh My HECK!! On the right is the front gate. I can see this one in all it's glory and it's pretty awesome. Old houses are just cool. I love the layouts; how every room is completely separate from the next. I love all the wood trim and flooring. **I do NOT, however, love trying to heat them!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

All the Pretty Little Horese

I LOVE horses. Especially Palominos & Buckskins. I dream of the day when I live on hundreds of acres with 10 or so horses! What I wouldn't give for the horse on "The Man From Snowy River"... now THAT was an amazing horse. The part where he dies makes me cry every time!

Here are a few beauties I came across on a drive.I love old fences! I wish this guy would have come up to say "hi"!And I couldn't resist this little fella! I just LOVE him!!!