Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bugs & The Bees

Okay, so I can't get OFF this flora/fauna kick. But considering the fact that I don't have ANY flowers at my house, I am going NUTS over them when I DO get to see them! Even dandilions are a welcome burst of color!
I love Hens & Chicks. They remind me of my Grandmother and my Mom. I love this one, it combines a few things that I LOVE: Hens & Chicks, Old Glory and rustic things!This little lady wasn't wanting to "look" at the camera very bad! I think it turned out kinda cool anyway!
I liked how the colors turned out in this one. The dark silhouette, it's cool!But I think this is my favorite.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Desert Beauty

We took a trip to Lake Powell last week! I could not get enough of those mesas and red sand!! It has a unique beauty about it that I just loved. I could never LIVE in a hot place like that but I sure loved visiting it... especially when home is still having freezing temps at night! Instead I enjoyed 90° weather and water at 75°! It was glorious!

Most of my pictures were taken from my window as we drove by; I would have LOVED to stop every 30 minutes and take pictures of the new scenery!Just check out all the colors!
And funky formations
And caves
Peace. Right. HereLargest natural bridge in the world. AWESOME.Delicate