Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ghost Town

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE old things. Especially old rustic country farm things. Old fences. Old houses. Old barns. Old doors. Old windows. I just LOVE them! And living out in the sticks means there are a plethora of these awesome old farm things EVERYWHERE!!! I am going to miss things like this.

This barn is great. It reminds me of my Grampas. We had a trampoline in the top with a rope swing. Oh it was so fun up there!! I just want to do a family photo shoot in front of one of these places! You've got awesome old trees, old rusted farm equipment... it's PERFECT! I think this was a very cute house in its day. And I LOVE the rickety barb wire fence! Just check out that diamond window!! Oh My HECK!! On the right is the front gate. I can see this one in all it's glory and it's pretty awesome. Old houses are just cool. I love the layouts; how every room is completely separate from the next. I love all the wood trim and flooring. **I do NOT, however, love trying to heat them!

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  1. I LOVE old barns and houses! What fun subjects!