Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yukon Charlie

Today I busted out my new show shoes!!! I have been SO excited to use these babies! My man of the house was home from work today so he watched the sprouts for me so I could buck a few drifts! I drove to a nearby lake and I was off for a great workout and a moments peace! Aren't they AWESOME!! At first there were a lot of other tracks but soon I was able to break trail for myself!! There is something about being surrounded by untouched snow and leaving your very own mark. Like hitting the slopes first at the ski hill just after a killer snow... there's nothing like it!I "frolicked" {yeah, great word for snowshoeing... thanks for the help babe... psh} around the the island a bit and then did a loop around the lake. I love funky trees. It was a great day! I am already all geared up for my next trip!


  1. I want snowshoes SO bad!!! I'm jealous as all heck!

  2. Hey! Just stumbled across this blog..What a great idea!

  3. I need to take up snowshoeing... looks like a blast!